Thursday, February 15, 2007

Preparing to Move

We thought y'all would like to see how the packing is going.

We kiddos have actually enjoyed it quite a bit! Boxes are great fun... especially with a distracted Mama around! Friends from our new-soon-to-be-old church have come over to play with us while Mama does whatever Mama's do when they are moving. (We really don't know that is.) Our friends are Joy and Victoria Nichols. They are so much fun! In fact, they bought us a Valentine's Day treat today. Guess what we were able to try for the FIRST time? CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Actually, Saraina didn't even get a taste as she decided to let it melt in her hand. I ate mine without a problem. When they left I kept whing and asking Mommy in English and sign langauge for "more, more." She simply said, "no, no." I'll ask Daddy when he gets home tonight!!!

Here are some pixs...

Mrs. Nichols, her daughter Victoria, and us

Boxes everywhere! Notice the black numbers. Mommy has some boxes designated BLACK and some RED. And she has quite the Excel spreadsheet to match her "system."

The RED boxes

Kadin really does sleep in our parents' closet! See, we really do need to move!

Approaching Our Final Night

Well, we are exactly one week away from spending our final night in this home, the only home we've known. This is a bittersweet time!

We're excited about living only hours away from family...
But we're sad about being so far from other special family members.

We're excited about living in house and having a little more living space...
But we're sad about having to move away from buddies like "Si-Si" (we can't really say Silas yet) to get it.

We're excited about meeting new friends at a new church...
But we're sad about having to say goodbye to SO MANY from 2 very dear churches here.

After our final night here in our condo the adventures REALLY begin! Mama's taking us to Auntie Sarah's for a long slumber party. It will really be a party because aside from my crazy Auntie Sarah, Celeste, and Uncle Andre being there we'll get to spend some quality time with Pop-pop, G.G. (our great grandma from NJ), Aunt Beryl, Aunt Brenda, maybe cuz Rasheed, and... our Granny from NJ!!!! In fact, Granny will be able to meet Kadin for the first time. (I'm sure it will be love at first sight!) We can't think of a better way to end such a wonderful life in MD!

We will be driving through the night on Feb. 28th from MD to IL. On our way out of the state we will get to say our final goodbye to Si-Si. Tears will be shed, prayers offered up, and ALL praise given to God for even granting us such amazing friends.

After that "pit-stop" we're off to Chatham, IL to continue "partying" with our Grandad and Grammy. The folks are dropping us "big" kiddos (Joshua and Saraina) off to hang with them while they drive to Aurora to set up the house we're renting. It's cool 'cause neither of them have even seen this place! Surprises all around for everyone!

Yes, the Savior has been (and we are told He will continue to be) so good. He has revealed more of Himself to us as we struggle to obey Him and our folks, as we struggle to trust Him and His word, as we struggle to be joyful in ALL things. Why??? Because we truly believe the LORD when he says, "Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline..." (Revelation 3:19a)

Nuf talk! Here are some shots!

Peace and love,
j, s, & k

Saraina being her joyful self at Auntie Sarah's in January

Kadin being precious

Joshua laughing while Saraina gives him kisses

Saraina and Joshua reading side by side

Kadin crying

Joshua eating his oatmeal