Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pictures from Kadin's Homecoming

Leaving the hospital was a bit weird this time 'round for Mama. She and Kadin David actually left the hospital alone, without Daddy. You see, Kadin was tranferred to the Pediatric floor to continue another day of phototherapy for his jaundice. Daddy stayed the night with him while Mommy came home to be us little ones.

When Daddy and Mommy switched places, Mommy stayed in the hospital until Kadin was ready to be discharged. Daddy had to be with us at home since little kiddos like us couldn't visit him on that floor.

Mommy carried Kadin out of the hospital on Monday night just before our bedtime. She was sad she was doing it alone, without Daddy or us, but all the while praising God Kadin was finally coming home! The ladies on the Pediatric floor were stunned Mommy was driving Kadin home herself. They thought she was on pain medication or something and shouldn't be driving but... nope! She HATES medicine!

When Kadin and Mommy pulled up in the minivan, Daddy and us kiddos were in the window waving and carrying on! What fun and excitment!!!!

God is SO good to us!
~the kiddos

Here Joshua gets to hold his brother in his arms

Here's Kadin David as he looked upon leaving the hospital. He's all dressed up in a new outfit (gift from the Zoretich family).

Here we are examining our new little brother Kadin. Joshua thinks the lions on Kadin's outfit are very cool.

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