Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Month Til We Move

Yes, it is true. We have only ONE month left till we move to the Land of Lincoln and say farewell to the Old Line State. It seems surreal. So much has happened to our family since the folks moved from IL to beautiful MD.

In the last 3.5 years of our folks marriage, God has moved in so many amazing ways. Let's face it, they went from 0 kiddos to 3, from knowing virually nothing about doctrine to having a strong grip on the Gospel, from having a worldly understanding of marriage to gaining clarity on biblical manhood and womanhood, and even from being slave to our lenders to understanding that we simply stewards of the money the Lord has entrusted to us. God hs taught them MUCH and taught them well through the members of Covenant Life and Sovereign Grace Church of Frederick.

In addition, God has taught them how precious relationships are. They will DEEPLY miss so many. Living close to Mommy's side of the family has been a blessing they are grateful to God for. Had they not moved to MD at all us kiddos would know not know them as well or have had so many memories to treasure up.

But, we're taking too much time! No one checks this site to READ what we write, just to see our adorable mugs! Here are some recent pictures...

Love, Joshua, the big bro

Kadin the first time he went to church. He went alone with Daddy & Mommy b/c Saraina and I were at Auntie Sarah's house. Oh- and he looks very similar to Saraina as a newborn!

Saraina wearing rainboots

Close buds

Amazed at the snow falling outside

Kadin when he turned 2 weeks old on Friday, 26th.

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