Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kadin David, the newest Whitney Kiddo

Saraina and I need to introduce you to Kadin David, our new little brother who just turned ONE WEEK OLD yesterday! Here's what we've learned in his first week with us:

1 - Kadin David is one sleepyhead. The dude sleeps CONSTANTLY. He can even sleep through Saraina and I playing, crying, and screaming. While he may be up at night, every time we're around him he is snoozing big-time!

2 - Kadin David is a beautiful baby! Seriously, little guy doesn't even have any baby acne right now.

3 - Kadin likes to be kissed, held, and snuggled.

4 - Kadin is often very smelly. Mommy says he's got a little gas but we'd say he's got A LOT of gas!

And, without any further delay here are some more pictures of our growing family.

Joshua, the big brother

Kadin with his eye wide open

the big brother and the big sister in matching robes from Aunt Brenda

Joshua digging his blue, engraved robe

Saraina sporting her pink robe

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