Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's a BOY!!!

Great is His faithfulness!

Hi peeps everywhere!

We have so much to share with you that bears testimony to how gracious and merciful and sovereign our God is! May this brief recap of our last few days build your faith as it has built ours!

Friday, January 12th, 2007
* 2 am - Mommy is up thinking, "This baby is coming sometime today."

* 6:15 am - Daddy hears Mommy groaning in the bathroom and says to himself, "I know that sound. This is going down NOW." Daddy then tries to get Mommy out the door but Mommy insists on taking a shower first. Daddy comes and gets us kiddos up and dressed. After Mommy's shower she then decides she MUST pick up the stray toys on the floor just in case someone comes to see the condo (which was just put on the market).

* 6:45 am - We leave for the Merrills. Daddy keeps telling Mommy that she's doing a great job. All she was doing was sitting in the front seat though!

* 7 am - Daddy and Mommy are leaving the Merrills in a hurry. Daddy hit 95 mph.

* 7:21 am - Daddy and Mommy are at the hospital checking in. Mommy is thinking some very unkind thoughts about the lady checking them in who insists on SLOWLY wheeling Mommy down to Labor and Delivery. Upon arriving they ask Mommy to walk over to the scale. Mommy stands up and begins to hobble over to the scale and then stops and says, "My water just broke! I can feel the head!"

* 7:28 am - Kadin David Whitney emerges!

* 9ish am - Our dear realtor and friend, Dave, calls Daddy on his cell to tell him the very first person to look at our place has just put in a bid! What a morning!

Here are a few pictures. More to follow in the near future!

Kadin was under the bili lights for about 45 hours. He was just re-tested today (1/18) and it looks like he's in the clear!

Pop-pop with his second grandson, Kadin David

Daddy delighted with his new little man

Saraina thrilled to meet Kadin for the first time. Both of us, Joshua and Saraina, love kissing our little brother. Mommy says it's amazing how big Saraina looks to her now and how well Joshua really is playing the big brother role perfectly!

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