Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year to All!

Yes, we are very much behind schedule... AGAIN! We sure hope this will not be any indication of how our 2007 will be but... realistically, Mommy will have even less time to devote to keeping this blog up-to-date once Baby #3 arrives.

We are all doing quite well. With us two toddlers around we keep the folks on their toes. In addition to us being a handful, the folks have been busy getting our condo on the market, doing research on our future new home area (Aurora, IL), and looking for a j-o-b. This process has been sweet, for the mot part. Mommy has finally figured out the art of keeping a home clean (the answer is get rid of a lot of stuff!) and Daddy has been so sensitive to the Holy Spirit in his job search and has actually enjoyed many aspects of "the hunt."

Here's what us kids have been up to...

Joshua and Saraina coloring together for the first time. Mommy let her color yesterday and found out she was eating the orange and black crayons though. She'll be monitored more closely for now on!

Joshua kissing the singing/barking dog ornament we received from the Waits family

Saraina on Christmas morning with her foot in her mouth

Joshua dressed for church on Christmas Eve

Saraina having a tantrum on Christmas Eve

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