Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Month Til We Move

Yes, it is true. We have only ONE month left till we move to the Land of Lincoln and say farewell to the Old Line State. It seems surreal. So much has happened to our family since the folks moved from IL to beautiful MD.

In the last 3.5 years of our folks marriage, God has moved in so many amazing ways. Let's face it, they went from 0 kiddos to 3, from knowing virually nothing about doctrine to having a strong grip on the Gospel, from having a worldly understanding of marriage to gaining clarity on biblical manhood and womanhood, and even from being slave to our lenders to understanding that we simply stewards of the money the Lord has entrusted to us. God hs taught them MUCH and taught them well through the members of Covenant Life and Sovereign Grace Church of Frederick.

In addition, God has taught them how precious relationships are. They will DEEPLY miss so many. Living close to Mommy's side of the family has been a blessing they are grateful to God for. Had they not moved to MD at all us kiddos would know not know them as well or have had so many memories to treasure up.

But, we're taking too much time! No one checks this site to READ what we write, just to see our adorable mugs! Here are some recent pictures...

Love, Joshua, the big bro

Kadin the first time he went to church. He went alone with Daddy & Mommy b/c Saraina and I were at Auntie Sarah's house. Oh- and he looks very similar to Saraina as a newborn!

Saraina wearing rainboots

Close buds

Amazed at the snow falling outside

Kadin when he turned 2 weeks old on Friday, 26th.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pictures from Kadin's Homecoming

Leaving the hospital was a bit weird this time 'round for Mama. She and Kadin David actually left the hospital alone, without Daddy. You see, Kadin was tranferred to the Pediatric floor to continue another day of phototherapy for his jaundice. Daddy stayed the night with him while Mommy came home to be us little ones.

When Daddy and Mommy switched places, Mommy stayed in the hospital until Kadin was ready to be discharged. Daddy had to be with us at home since little kiddos like us couldn't visit him on that floor.

Mommy carried Kadin out of the hospital on Monday night just before our bedtime. She was sad she was doing it alone, without Daddy or us, but all the while praising God Kadin was finally coming home! The ladies on the Pediatric floor were stunned Mommy was driving Kadin home herself. They thought she was on pain medication or something and shouldn't be driving but... nope! She HATES medicine!

When Kadin and Mommy pulled up in the minivan, Daddy and us kiddos were in the window waving and carrying on! What fun and excitment!!!!

God is SO good to us!
~the kiddos

Here Joshua gets to hold his brother in his arms

Here's Kadin David as he looked upon leaving the hospital. He's all dressed up in a new outfit (gift from the Zoretich family).

Here we are examining our new little brother Kadin. Joshua thinks the lions on Kadin's outfit are very cool.

Kadin David, the newest Whitney Kiddo

Saraina and I need to introduce you to Kadin David, our new little brother who just turned ONE WEEK OLD yesterday! Here's what we've learned in his first week with us:

1 - Kadin David is one sleepyhead. The dude sleeps CONSTANTLY. He can even sleep through Saraina and I playing, crying, and screaming. While he may be up at night, every time we're around him he is snoozing big-time!

2 - Kadin David is a beautiful baby! Seriously, little guy doesn't even have any baby acne right now.

3 - Kadin likes to be kissed, held, and snuggled.

4 - Kadin is often very smelly. Mommy says he's got a little gas but we'd say he's got A LOT of gas!

And, without any further delay here are some more pictures of our growing family.

Joshua, the big brother

Kadin with his eye wide open

the big brother and the big sister in matching robes from Aunt Brenda

Joshua digging his blue, engraved robe

Saraina sporting her pink robe

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's a BOY!!!

Great is His faithfulness!

Hi peeps everywhere!

We have so much to share with you that bears testimony to how gracious and merciful and sovereign our God is! May this brief recap of our last few days build your faith as it has built ours!

Friday, January 12th, 2007
* 2 am - Mommy is up thinking, "This baby is coming sometime today."

* 6:15 am - Daddy hears Mommy groaning in the bathroom and says to himself, "I know that sound. This is going down NOW." Daddy then tries to get Mommy out the door but Mommy insists on taking a shower first. Daddy comes and gets us kiddos up and dressed. After Mommy's shower she then decides she MUST pick up the stray toys on the floor just in case someone comes to see the condo (which was just put on the market).

* 6:45 am - We leave for the Merrills. Daddy keeps telling Mommy that she's doing a great job. All she was doing was sitting in the front seat though!

* 7 am - Daddy and Mommy are leaving the Merrills in a hurry. Daddy hit 95 mph.

* 7:21 am - Daddy and Mommy are at the hospital checking in. Mommy is thinking some very unkind thoughts about the lady checking them in who insists on SLOWLY wheeling Mommy down to Labor and Delivery. Upon arriving they ask Mommy to walk over to the scale. Mommy stands up and begins to hobble over to the scale and then stops and says, "My water just broke! I can feel the head!"

* 7:28 am - Kadin David Whitney emerges!

* 9ish am - Our dear realtor and friend, Dave, calls Daddy on his cell to tell him the very first person to look at our place has just put in a bid! What a morning!

Here are a few pictures. More to follow in the near future!

Kadin was under the bili lights for about 45 hours. He was just re-tested today (1/18) and it looks like he's in the clear!

Pop-pop with his second grandson, Kadin David

Daddy delighted with his new little man

Saraina thrilled to meet Kadin for the first time. Both of us, Joshua and Saraina, love kissing our little brother. Mommy says it's amazing how big Saraina looks to her now and how well Joshua really is playing the big brother role perfectly!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our Soon-to-be Church Home in Aurora

In case you're interested, the church we will be a part of in Aurora, IL, Grace Covenant, which is in the Sovereign Grace Ministries family, can be checked out at:

We are excited about the Lord has in store for us but are completely okay with focusing on where He has us right now!

~the whitney kiddos

Other pictures from 2006

The kiddos braving a rare cold December day

Joshua showing his skills climbing at the playground

Enjoying a warm December day at the park

Joshua in his new doggie towel

Saraina in her new duckie towel

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year to All!

Yes, we are very much behind schedule... AGAIN! We sure hope this will not be any indication of how our 2007 will be but... realistically, Mommy will have even less time to devote to keeping this blog up-to-date once Baby #3 arrives.

We are all doing quite well. With us two toddlers around we keep the folks on their toes. In addition to us being a handful, the folks have been busy getting our condo on the market, doing research on our future new home area (Aurora, IL), and looking for a j-o-b. This process has been sweet, for the mot part. Mommy has finally figured out the art of keeping a home clean (the answer is get rid of a lot of stuff!) and Daddy has been so sensitive to the Holy Spirit in his job search and has actually enjoyed many aspects of "the hunt."

Here's what us kids have been up to...

Joshua and Saraina coloring together for the first time. Mommy let her color yesterday and found out she was eating the orange and black crayons though. She'll be monitored more closely for now on!

Joshua kissing the singing/barking dog ornament we received from the Waits family

Saraina on Christmas morning with her foot in her mouth

Joshua dressed for church on Christmas Eve

Saraina having a tantrum on Christmas Eve