Thursday, December 21, 2006

Our Christmas Letter 2006

For He who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name. --Luke 1:49

December 2006

Merry Christmas Family and Friends!

As another Christmas season approaches we wanted to seize this opportunity to extend greetings and provide an update on the happenings in the Whitney family.

Well, if you haven’t heard our third child is expected in mid January, but don’t be surprised if this lil’ one comes before then. Let’s just say Momma is really feeling pressure from the baby and is ready for the arrival sooner rather than later.

Speaking of kiddos – we love ‘em and they are truly an absolute joy. Joshua turned two in November and we are so thankful that he is a kind, wonderful helper and big brother, and keeps us laughing with his super-high energy. Some of his favorite things include the moon and stars, jumping, and motorcycles (just looking at them for now).

And Saraina (or “lady” as we like to call her) turned one in November! She is a sweet, little girl who isn’t afraid to let us know how she really feels – no holds barred. She loves her hair, is an excellent sleeper, is doing well with walking, and likes to repeat words. Forget about eating, however – it’s on her terms or not at all.

For the rest of us, 2006 has been a year of transition in several ways. First, our beloved church has sent us out along with about 80 other families on a “church plant” to Frederick, Maryland. Of course, we have been living in Frederick for the last several years, so this has worked quite advantageously for us as our new church is much closer to home - meeting in a middle school about twenty minutes away. William has had the surprising joy and privilege to play electric guitar with the worship team.

In other news, we officially “sold out” and became a minivan clan. The month of August was very exciting as God allowed us to both sell a poorly purchased Subaru (with high monthly payments) and purchase (in CASH!!) an older model minivan. We are freshly reminded of God’s provision while cruising around, in style, in our 1999 Chevy Venture. And after a trip to Illinois and back, so far so good as the Venture keeps on truckin’.

Speaking of the Land of Lincoln, we are exploring the possibility of re-locating to a suburb of Chicago mainly for the lower cost of housing. We’ve got a sister church out there as well as family not too far away. Certainly, your prayers are appreciated!

So, what are the old folks doing with all their free time? William and Kia have discovered the joy of reading together and are currently wrapped up in a Randy Alcorn mystery/thriller called Deadline. Besides that, we like to eat with passion at the Cheesecake Factory or anywhere that has good food and sizeable portions.

Much grace and peace to you all,

William, Kia, Joshua, Saraina, and Baby #3 in the womb

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