Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December's almost over?

We've wanted to get a new entry up for a while now but things kept coming up. We're busy kiddos. Yesterday was the day. Mommy finally let us at it and during our major update it happened. Yes, the internet connection was mysteriously lost. How frustrating. So, this update will be brief and since our computer troubles are not quite over, the pictures may or may not make it onto this post.

Okay... here are a few highlights of the last month and a half:

** the Drefko clan came for a visit so we got to hang with Gregory and Joseph. We even got to go for a dip in the pool at their hotel! Joshua was very timid in the water but Saraina loved it.

** we drove to IL through the night for the first time. I thought us kiddos did great. I only flipped out once and ended up crying myself to sleep afterall. Joshua LOVED looking out the window and making random comments about what he saw. You have no idea how that boy FIGHTS sleep!!!!

** we spent Thanksgiving with family, played with our big cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandparents, and Joshua even slept in his first big boy bed. And he only fell off once or twice, I think. We also celebrated Joshua's 2nd b-day as well as my 1st b-day

** daddy drove the ENTIRE 12+ hours home from IL. I think he drank over 48 ounces of coffee. How disgusting is that!?

** we baked cookies as a new Christmas family tradition and delivered them to our neighbors. Mommy even let us eat one!!!! Daddy ate lots of them!!!!

Well, nap time is almost here so, we'll have to add pictures next time!

love, saraina

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