Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, Saraina Elisabeth!

Saraina telling the world she is now ONE!!!!!

Saraina getting ready to worship the LORD at church. Oh- she's got her first pair of tights on!!!

(More pictures at the end!)

Yes! Happy Birthday, Saraina!

As your parents we have authority to override the "kiddos only" rule for a special birthday entry.

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by already. We remember that amazing day when you were born. It was a Saturday and we just got back from a full afternoon of shopping at Walmart and Target. Mommy remembers a strange, older lady coming up to her telling her, "You haven't dropped yet. You're not having that baby anytime soon!" Well, how wrong that stranger was because not 4 hours later, you, Saraina Elisabeth Whitney, burst into the world.

Daddy can recall barely making it to the hospital, checking in at 4:09 PM and sprinting to park the car so he wouldn't get towed and then dashing back just in time to help Mommy welcome a special little lady into the world at 4:19 PM! What a memorable day!

Another fond memory we have is driving home as a family of four for the first time. Seeing you both in the back of that Subaru brought such joy to our souls! How kind the Lord God has been to us to allow us to be your parents!

Some of the many things we ADORE about you are...

- your big, dark eyes and wildly adorable, curly hair
- the way you wave and say "bye bye"
- the way you giggle and get really excited
- how you lay down your head wherever you get tired
- your beautiful smile
- your skill at playing with cars
- how you can say PLEASE, MORE, and YES in sign language

You truly give us a greater glimpse of Jesus and allow us to know more of His grace! What a blessing you are!

With our love,
Daddy and Mommy

Saraina getting a birthday hug and kiss from big brother Joshua

Mommy and Saraina enjoying a moment together.

Saraina eating yummy plain Cheerios and enjoying the excitement of this special day!

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