Monday, October 23, 2006

Joshua and Cousin Celeste

After church on Sunday the folks took us to Ellicot City to see Cousin Celeste. Well, we also got to see Uncle Andre and Auntie Seve but we were really there to see Celeste. Shhh! Don't tell the adults though!

Anyway, Celeste had a Fall Festival at her new school. Now, let me just stop here and say that this school is NOT your ordinary school! No siree! This school is like a college campus but for kids. I wonder if she'll have to pay for it like Daddy and Mommy are still paying for their college education? Daddy always says college is a rip-off though. Hmmmm...

Well, we didn't stay long but some of the highlights were:

- Uncle Andre carried a handheld TV around so he could watch his Eagles game. At one point he sat in the car and had his hand in the air and through his sunroof to get th best reception, I think. Daddy, Mommy, and Auntie cracked up when they saw him.

- Auntie Seve, pushover that she is, let Joshua play a lollipop game, a golf game, and even paid for him to go in a moon bounce for the first time. My folks are a wee bit on the el-cheap-o side, if you dig what I'm saying! Joshua absolutely LOVED the moon bounce.

- Little Ole Me, Saraina, got the shaft! Just cuz I'm not walking around without help and b/c I PREFER crawling at this time, they pretty much kept me on lock down. No fun for me at all. Maybe I'll show them just what I can do on my birthday in less than 2 weeks!

Sooo, here are a few pics of our day yesterday...

Peace and love,
~saraina, ALMOST 1 year old

Celeste eating cotton candy. Note: Joshua REFUSED to even try it!

Joshua EAGERLY waiting to get in the Moon Bounce with the big kids

Wheeee! Down the Moon Bounce slide he goes!

A big kiss from Celeste

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