Friday, September 01, 2006

What an August!

Sooooo... we've been REALLY bad with keeping up with this here blog. You know, I wonder if anyone even reads this things other than Daddy at work!

Anyway, August was cool. The big highlight, from my perspective, is having a playmate that really plays with me now! Yep, Saraina is W-I-L-D! Sister lady is all over the place, drooling buckets of spit, pulling herself up on everything, cruising around furniture, and stealing toys from me. My most favorite thing to do with her is play Tag crawling under the dining room table. She can slither her way under those dining room chairs like you wouldn't believe! We're having a blast.

Aside from hanging with Saraina, August was memorable to me because I got to get away from the folks (especially Mama!) for, like, 4 whole nights and have kinda like a slumber party with my Grammy from IL. It was incredible! She had this enormous suitcase filled with toys that used to belong to my Daddy, Aunt Cristina, and Uncle Freeman when they were little. She even hand delivered the coolest apron that was my Granddad's when he was little. The apron has a JW on the front in red. I never knew we both had JW as our initials!

Let see... other neat-o happenings in our world include:
- we got a new USED minivan that we love. the folks drive it like it's a BMW though. seriously, Daddy even said he's going to create a special spreadsheet for it to record the maintenance and mileage! they are both going NUTS!
- a new room set-up. Sister and I are now side by side. We love that we can pass toys to each other and talk for hours instead of sleeping! Oh- well, I do admit I do more "stealing" of Sister's things than she does giving them to me. But I'm working on it!

Enough chit chat... here are some shots!

Peace and love,

Joshua and Saraina playing "Let's Bang on Every Wall in the House."

A picture of our sweet Grammy with us.

Our new room set up (which Mommy says was probably a mistake!)

And here's Daddy and Mommy having fun without us!


Jenny said...

We totally read all of your updates. Much love from Chicago!

Grandad said...

Always a reader of the kiddos comments! Love,
Dad, Grandad

diana carvalho said...


cindy just gave me the link to you blog. how cute! i'll be sure to check often for updates.

auntsarahsmiles said...

They are too cute! How did you get
Saraina to smile like that? I'm lucky if I get a smirk from her! When she looks at me she must recall the diaper rash/hair dryer experiment.

Great Aunt Agnese said...

I read all of your updates. I love them so much and it gives me a chance to see how you are growing and to see how happy and joyful your whole family is.
Great Aunt Agnese