Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Camera-less days

Our Mama took the camera with us on Labor Day and ended up leaving it at a friend's place. Big bummer! She's missing some great shots of us! But, we sure can fill you in quickly on what's the 4-1-1 here in Fred-neck, MD...

1. Saraina has a hernia. Just found out on Monday. Her belly button had a really freaky look to it on Sunday at church and so Mama took us to see Dr. Hsu. Saraina's belly button looked ENORMOUS, like it was gonna pop or something. You can actually press down on it and feel "the hole". Nothing much to do except pray that the Lord will heal it before she turns 6. The doc said she'd need to have a little surgery if it doesn't heal by then. Oh- but, supposedly, she doesn't feel any pain from it.

2. Joshua has decided that doing pee pees on the potty is not cool. Therefore, no big boy undies for him. Mama says buying diapers is easier than cleaning up "messes."

3. Our new church is FANTASTIC! We've both got great Children's Ministry servers who take great care of us and let Mama listen to the entire service. And she's really enjoying it but not as much as Daddy is enjoying playing his... errrr... Uncle Freeman's electric guitar. We'll have to sneak out of our class and take a picture to show you how cool he is!

4. We got to hang out with cousin Celeste and Auntie Sarah last weekend. Auntie Sarah is really cool cause she brings her own toys with her! Joshua's favorite would be her bubble stuff. See the pixs below!

Well, time is running short. We better run!

Peace and love,
j & s

joshua and celeste walking hand in hand

joshua with bubbles

more bubbles fun

auntie sarah & cousin celeste with saraina

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Freeman said...

Actually, to be correct about it, I gave William the guitar, so it's all his!