Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Picnic and Bathtime Fun

We're still trying to catch up on photos. Here's more from June.

Here we are outside after church one day. Daddy was at a prayer meeting and so Mommy let us have a little picnic while we waited. It was fun. Plus she packed strawberries for me!

Joshua, 1.5 years old

Saraina, 7 months old

Here we are the first time Mommy put us both in the tub together. Now that Saraina can sit up she decided to let us try it out. Actually, what really happened is Mommy was bathing Sister and I was bugging Mommy to let me get in too. She gave in to my constant moaning and wild signing (sign language, that is. I like to use every sign she's ever taught me - one right after the other! It gets her every time!) We had a good time seeing who can splash the most. I think Saraina's winning.

And here we are after our bath with our papa bear, Daddy. Although I fight bedtime, never wanting it to come, I generally fall asleep pretty quickly, even before Saraina lately. But we still do have our "night time chats" after the folks leave our room. Saraina is quite the talker. She just doesn't get caught!

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