Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot Days of Summer

Dear Loved Ones,

We've had quite the July so far. It's hotter than ever outside and we've both now been introduced to painful world of diaper rash coupled with diarrhea. YUCK! Enough about that though. Some great things have happened!

To begin my little sister is getting big fast. A couple weeks ago after her morning nap Mommy and Daddy found Saraina sitting up in her crib all by herself. That is great news because now Saraina and I can stay up later chatting and giggling. Then, on Monday, July 17th she began crawling! Mama's got 2 movers and shakers on her hands now! It's really quite cute. Saraina spreads her hands out in front of her and sort of pulls and slides herself forward while trying her best to use her little toes. Sounds weird but she can get around! We've had blast giggling under the table and racing under chairs. Mama might have to invest in some knee pads soon!

In other news, I'm getting longer and visibly skinnier. I like to run up and down the hallway, climb on the couch the wrong way, hoister myself up into my sister's crib (she gets all the cool toys!), and even balance on my head. I don't like the potty but Mommy told me we'll be seriously starting that one day soon. Boo! In addition to having a lean bod, I've gotten my first dramatic haircut. I am now, in all seriousness, the Little Man! Mommy says I am extremely handsome. Daddy gave me first close shape-up and now you'll get a glimpse of what I'll look like when I'm a little older!

Enjoy the pictures!


Here I am showing off my manly chest while eating a peice of broccoli (which I threw on the floor moments after this was taken).

Saraina can sleep like our Papa. I on the other hand sleep like our Mama which is not a good thing. Another way Saraina is like Daddy is when she wakes up. Daddy NEEDS his coffee to function and Sister SCREAMS for her M-I-L-K every morning. What's up with that?

And here we both are sitting in diaper box that Mommy converted to a "ride" of sorts. We loved being pulled down the hall!

Here's another shot of us together

And, finally, the one you've been waiting to see, me with my tight haircut. Don't I look like such a big boy? And now Saraina can't pull my hair out! (By the way, as you can see I love puzzles!)

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