Friday, June 30, 2006

Early June pictures

June has come gone. It's been a good month. Here are some pictures from early in the month...


Here's a picture of sweet little me, Saraina. Mommy tried to do my hair a little differently. Actually, every time she does it is looks different!

Did you know that I learned how to drink from a sippy cup last month? Yes. I totally skipped the bottle. And just a short few weeks later I was doing this... drinking all by myself! T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D, I know!

Here's what you'd see a lot of if you came for a visit. Joshua and I like to have our milk at the same time during the day. And we usually like to be near each other. Mommy used to say it was cute. Now she says it's just dangerous. Joshua's turning a little W-I-L-D. Did you know he sat on my head this month! I laughed but Mommy didn't think it was funny.

Did you know that Joshua is allergic to peanuts? Yep. Mommy got him some fake peanut butter (soynut butter) so every so often he eats his version of a PBJ. Mommy likes how quick it is to make it but the clean-up is always more than she anticipates. As you can see from these pictures, Joshua needs a bath daily! He gets food in his hair, under his fingernails, behind and inside his ears, and even on his toes! It's disgusting! But at least he seems to be enjoying his meal!

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Jenny Whitney said...

Those are some GREAT pictures, Saraina. Thanks for sharing.

Much love,
Auntie Jenny