Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Brief Update on Joshua and Saraina

Sooooo... Saraina is 7 months (as of June 5) and Joshua is a year and a half.

Joshua is all B-O-Y! He's pretty obedient and well-behaved for the most part - especially when we're not home. He will require some serious training and disciplining in the days ahead though. But, hey, we ALL needed that, right?

He still isn't saying too much that is really clear BUT he sure can communicate in sign language. He says YES, PLEASE, CUP, MORE, and he's just now learning SORRY and EAT. We found out he was saying PEEK-A-BOO and HI today when we picked him up from the Merrills (more about that in another entry). He's also saying BYE and OBEY and maybe a few other words here and there.

Oh- big news, Joshua is sleeping without the gate to his crib. And it only took him falling out the bed 1 or 2 times! AND... he's done "pee pees on the potty" quite a few times. Pray he's potty trained b4 baby #3 arrives!

Saraina is as feminine as they come but is tougher than you'd expect. With big bro around she HAS to be able to take a few punches. Seriously, Sister weighed 13 pounds even on May 24th, which is good b/c she was so under weight. Now that she's drinking from a sippy cup and eating (when she's not so stubborn), she's starting to bulk-up a bit. Oh- and she can drink from the cup by herself! Hot stuff, huh?

She's also getting in position to crawl. You shouold see her squirm and around until she gets whatever she wants that's right in front of her. She pretty much mastered sitting up by herself yet she HATES falling down and hitting her head.

More than anything, Joshua adores his little sister and Saraina can watch her big bro and find it to be the best show around. Here are some pictures of them from May. FYI - adding pictures to this site is very challenging. Be patient as we'll have to keep adding only 4 or 5 at a time!

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