Monday, May 01, 2006

A Strong Will or A Strong Won't?

SOOOOOO... Mommy's been wondering if I have a strong will or is it just a strong won't? Clearly a strong won't doesn't make much sense... or does it? The folks were dog tired today. I think Mommy must've fallen asleep in front of us kiddos at least 10 times! Daddy's got a meeting tonight so Mommy decided to put us to bed early. Surprisingly we decided not to fuss. She looked and smelled pretty bad. It's been one of those, "I'll shower later" days for her and us kids suffer for it. So, she's in the shower and I decided to sneak out of my crib to update the world on how things are going...

Like I said earlier, I think Mommy's had better days. Because I am exceptionally good at climbing, I decide to show her that I can climb into her seat at the dining room table. I totally surprised her as I sat crossed-legged smiling at her. It was great. I could touch all her stuff spread out on the table. I think I gave her an incentive to keep the table clean now! I then showed her how I can even climb into my booster seat/high chair. I almost climbed into the pack-n-play this morning and my crib this morning.

The highlight of the day, however, is I tried (and actually succeeded a wee bit!) to eat soil from Mommy's plants. Talk about getting an overexhausted woman going! She was pretty angry with me... especially when I returned to the scene of the first crime to do it again! When I walked up to her with soil around and in my mouth she got me pretty good. Yet, I didn't flinch. Like I said, she thinks I have a strong "won't" meaning I WON'T be detered from accomplishing that which I find interesting. I have a feeling she won't let me win this battle (nor will Daddy when he finds out!).

And Sister has a doctor appointment on Friday - her 6th month check-up. She'll fill you in on how that goes...

Love to all,
the climbing, soil-eating Whitney, joshua

Here I am looking quite dapper with my first tie on. What dude in his right mind WANTS to wear one of those things?! Oops! That's not very kind, huh? Well, all I can say is Mommy got this weird-o outfit for me to put on b/c we got our pictures taken on Saturday. I HATE getting all dressed up. And the pictures didn't even come out good! More pictures soon!