Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An update from Saraina

Greetings, Greetings!

I added lots of pictures to the BLOG today so please check beyond this entry!

Joshua is now 17 months old. Mommy said she’s tired of counting months so from here on out she’s simply going to say he’s 1 ½. I’m 5 1/2 months old myself and loving life! Seriously, life is GOOD. When you can eat and poop and have someone carry you wherever you go, there shouldn’t be too many complaints! But maybe I should update everyone of some specifics…

Joshua – still long and lean but getting to be kinda solid. All his weight is in his belly! He’s “talking” in an extra animated way lately. Although only I know his secret language (me and the One Upstairs, that is!), he has kicked up his effort of speaking a few notches. He does communicate with sign language a little. He says MORE in sign language when he’s still hungry and will sign CUP when he wants his milk or juice. It really is quite amazing how much he knows and understands. He adores me still. Yep. He and I get along very well. He makes me crack up. Some of his fav things to do are: put hats on his head, climb on EVERYTHING, give kisses to whoever asks, read books, pull off his socks, pretend cook, help with the laundry, and be outside. And the one thing that is kinda testing the folks is his eye rolling! Oh yeah! He has that down! In fact, he facial expressions in general are so comical.

Me (Saraina) – am doing very well since going to the GI doctor. Mommy says it ended up being a huge blessing b/c she only recently had to buy more diapers. See, I know quite a bit about budgeting! My hair continues to grow and is changing texture, similar to how JCW’s did. I squeal with delight often as I watch Joshua try to master some major feat. Eating is the best. Daddy says I have Mommy’s appetite! From day 1 I was enjoying the solid stuff. Daddy quickly realized that I have a big appetite even though I’m so tiny (still not 12 lbs!!!!) I scream like I’m being starved when they don’t shove the creamy stuff in mouth quick enough. Oh, the other day I decided to get my big bro back for those few times he inflicted pain on me. I reached out to grab him and ended up taking out a good bit of his curls. He screamed and cried as I just giggled and giggled! Another biggie is that I can turn over all by myself. I just don’t particularly care to. Mommy went to get me in the middle of the night and found me on my back with my leg hanging out the crib.

Well, that’s it for now. Isn’t the Lord incredible! There is never a dull moment as we walk this life of faith. As some lady Mommy always listens to says, we can either WORSHIP or WHINE. May we all choose to worship the One worthy of all our praise, affection, devotion, love, and honor!


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