Friday, April 14, 2006

Solid food for everyone! (finally)

After checking with the GI specialist, the doc (who had a really cool South African accent reminding us of friends in Chicago) said Saraina could begin solids. But because rice cereal in particular causes constipation, Saraina could begin eating FRUITS. I'm not going to share my disappointment in hearing this since Sister has some serious issue with her pooper and all BUT... I will quickly say it's unfair. (You MUST remember how Mama only would give me yucky vegetables for like... forever!

Well, enough about that. Here's us April 12th at breakfast...

Here we are at breakfast. Saraina has pears and Joshua has pear slices, strawberries (yum yum) and oatmeal. Mama has to still feed Joshua his oatmeal.

Saraina after trying a little sweet surprise. She didn't cry or fuss but she did have a hard time knowing what to do with the foreign object in her mouth.

Joshua enjoying his breakfast - especially when he can feed himself!

A drink for Sister

A drink for Brother

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