Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Onesies, Pants, and Donuts

Joshua is looking really silly this morning. But, to be honest, you’ll have to blame the folks. You see, Mommy got Joshua some new onesies since his old ones are getting tight due to his length. Thing is she should have stuck to the same brand because the new ones are way too big. Check it out for yourself…

What’s even funnier is how big his pants are. His poor pants hang below his big belly and end up falling down as the day goes on. Eventually they end up like this...

This morning, however, Joshua realized he could actually take them off. And he did!

Once getting those things off he knew just where they belonged…

And Joshua had a donut for the first time on Saturday. He LOVED it! He wouldn’t eat his birthday cake but he sure can woof-down some donuts. He must get that from Daddy who always says he has “an affinity” for donuts. Here’s a picture of him savoring a soft, sweet donut treat at Aunt Sarah’s.

And just because I'm writing this, here's a picture of me practicing sitting up (with Mommy's help)!


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