Thursday, March 23, 2006

Needs - as of March 2006

So, we thought it might be time to update everyone regarding what us kiddos will need down the road for those "eager beavers" who are always looking out for a good deal. No, in all seriousness, you (collective!) have blessed our family in COUNTLESS ways. Yes, I mean YOU reading this right now. Bathing us in prayer (which continues to be our greatest need), providing funds for us to purchase necessary and unexpectant items, letting us borrow clothing, and generous gifts - both big and small are all testimonies of God's goodness, faithfulness, and love. We praise Him for you!

Here's the list:
* 2T - 3T shirts (long and short sleeved)(JCW)
* 2T shorts (JCW)
* 24 month old socks w/ grippers on the bottom (JCW)
* size 7 or 8 slippers (JCW)
* sunglasses
* 2T - 3T cap
* 2T underwear and training pants (JCW)
* a potty!!!
* 6 - 12 month old clothes (SEW)
* 6-12 month old onesies (SEW)
* barrettes and bows (SEW)
* 6-12 month old socks w/ grippers on the bottom (SEW)
* cups with spouts or straws (JCW & SEW)
* praise music/DVDs for kids

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