Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Glorious Tuesday

So we have some reasons to scream and shout this evening. (Drum roll, please!)

Mommy got 5.5 hours of UNinterrupted sleep last night for the first time since she can remember. You know what that means - Saraina is finally sleeping longer and eating less at night! Hooray! Hooray! Three cheers for Sister not waking me, I mean Mommy, up at night! Yep. My little sister is also gaining a wee bit more weight. The parents think she’s FINALLY passed the 12-pound mark. I passed the 12-pound mark around 3 months old so she’s even lighter than I was! Anyway, Mommy got some good rest last night.

Another highlight from today is Saraina made a BM this morning! Not only that but Children’s Hospital called to tell Mommy that they could move Saraina’s appointment with the gastrointestinal doctor up two months! The new appointment is April 11th at 4:20 pm at their Frederick location! How cool is the Lord to do that!

I have two highlights for today. One is that I got to hang out with my bud Si this morning. It’s been a long stretch of sickness so playing with him was lots of fun. It was really the first time we’ve played since he’s been a full-fledge “walker.” The other highlight is that Daddy’s Board Meeting was cancelled. That meant Daddy could attend the Men’s Meeting at Care Group but more importantly bathe Sister and I. He even let me help him clean out the tub which I think is VERY cool.

Well, enough talk. Check out our pictures!


Me helping Daddy clean out the tub before Saraina's bath.

sorry... we're having technical difficulties so Mommy will put the pixs on the blog in the morning.

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