Saturday, March 04, 2006

15-month and 4-month Doctor Visit

I don’t know about you but… I struggle with doctors. In my almost 4-months of life (plus the numerous prenatal visits I attended in the womb!), I have had a solid amount of visits to doctors. Each of my experiences has left me with knowing one thing is for sure – my hope is in the God of my salvation, not doctors!

Yesterday Daddy and Mommy took us to see our doctor. (The doctor’s name will be withheld for their protection.) We were going for our usual check-ups (Josh’s 15-month and my 4-month). This is what Josh and I have to say about the experience:

* they made our parents strip us down to our diapers and kept us that way for over 50 minutes! Hello! Don’t they realize that we get cold!

* they stuck both of us with needles (3 needles stabs for me and 2 for Josh)

* they didn’t give Mommy the papers she requested stating which shots we each got.

* they are putting us both on Zantax. Hello! One minute it’s not necessary and the next we both need it for acid reflux??? I guess there was a 2 for 1 deal going on.

* Daddy joked about giving me Ex-lax and the doctor said that that would be fine! Hello! What’s with the drug-happy doc? This is from the same doc who told Mommy to give me Milk of Megnesia twice a day, everyday, and for SIX months! Good thing for me I reject any and every foreign object they try to put in my mouth.

* Mommy struggled with some serious anger towards the doctor. Daddy kept reminding her of all that there is/was to be thankful to God for though. What a Papa!

As for our stats, we are both lightweights. Joshua weighed in the same amount at his last appointment, 12 months – 21 pounds. He’s about 32 or 33 inches tall, depends on whether we go with what the doctor says or the nurse who actually measured him. I’m 11 pounds and 23 inches. That means we are both on the petite side, so far.

Because we both had shots yesterday (5 vaccinations for me and 3 for Josh), last night was a bit of a rough one for the folks but there is a highlight! I made a bowel movement on my own around 3:15 AM!!! Wahoo! In fact, Mommy was holding me, noticing that I was being extra fussy and asked Daddy to turn on the light. As soon as that light came on they both heard the explosion. Even in their sleepy state they praised God for doing yet another MIRACLE! This is the first time since week 1 or 2 that I have gone THREE TIMES in ONE WEEK!

No doubt, we attribute this to God’s mercy and grace as well as your prayers. Second Corinthians 1:11 says, “You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.” Thank you for doing just that!

Have a wonderful weekend and please keep up those fervent prayers!

Grace to you,
little ladybug saraina

Oh- Daddy and Mommy take me to a Gastrointestinal Specialist on June 13th to see if they have some thoughts on my troubles. We’ll keep you posted.

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