Friday, March 31, 2006

Re-capping March 2006

What a month it has been! Joshua and I have been growing and changing by leaps and bounds.

Some of the recent highlights have been:

Joshua looking just as adorable as can be as he plays

Saraina and Joshua captivated by the colors in Brainy Baby, a DVD from the library. Oh- by the way, the library is Joshua's new favorite place to go and run around. Mommy has been focusing on numbers for the last 2 weeks. She let us check out a few DVDs that were all about numbers and then get some books

Saraina all wide-eyed for the camera

Saraina playing with the bottle. She's still not taking the bottle yet but we're still praying!

Joshua helping Mommy do the laundry

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Needs - as of March 2006

So, we thought it might be time to update everyone regarding what us kiddos will need down the road for those "eager beavers" who are always looking out for a good deal. No, in all seriousness, you (collective!) have blessed our family in COUNTLESS ways. Yes, I mean YOU reading this right now. Bathing us in prayer (which continues to be our greatest need), providing funds for us to purchase necessary and unexpectant items, letting us borrow clothing, and generous gifts - both big and small are all testimonies of God's goodness, faithfulness, and love. We praise Him for you!

Here's the list:
* 2T - 3T shirts (long and short sleeved)(JCW)
* 2T shorts (JCW)
* 24 month old socks w/ grippers on the bottom (JCW)
* size 7 or 8 slippers (JCW)
* sunglasses
* 2T - 3T cap
* 2T underwear and training pants (JCW)
* a potty!!!
* 6 - 12 month old clothes (SEW)
* 6-12 month old onesies (SEW)
* barrettes and bows (SEW)
* 6-12 month old socks w/ grippers on the bottom (SEW)
* cups with spouts or straws (JCW & SEW)
* praise music/DVDs for kids

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


here's joshua w/ his cool slippers from granny in nj. he couldn't walk in them b4 and now they're about 3 sizes too small but he insists on mommy jamming them on his feet. she won't do it any more though.

joshua contemplating stealing sister's socks. he's very interested in sister while she plays in the exersaucer

sister w/ drool

sister w/ her "daddy's girl" shirt from uncle freeman and auntie jenny

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Glorious Tuesday

So we have some reasons to scream and shout this evening. (Drum roll, please!)

Mommy got 5.5 hours of UNinterrupted sleep last night for the first time since she can remember. You know what that means - Saraina is finally sleeping longer and eating less at night! Hooray! Hooray! Three cheers for Sister not waking me, I mean Mommy, up at night! Yep. My little sister is also gaining a wee bit more weight. The parents think she’s FINALLY passed the 12-pound mark. I passed the 12-pound mark around 3 months old so she’s even lighter than I was! Anyway, Mommy got some good rest last night.

Another highlight from today is Saraina made a BM this morning! Not only that but Children’s Hospital called to tell Mommy that they could move Saraina’s appointment with the gastrointestinal doctor up two months! The new appointment is April 11th at 4:20 pm at their Frederick location! How cool is the Lord to do that!

I have two highlights for today. One is that I got to hang out with my bud Si this morning. It’s been a long stretch of sickness so playing with him was lots of fun. It was really the first time we’ve played since he’s been a full-fledge “walker.” The other highlight is that Daddy’s Board Meeting was cancelled. That meant Daddy could attend the Men’s Meeting at Care Group but more importantly bathe Sister and I. He even let me help him clean out the tub which I think is VERY cool.

Well, enough talk. Check out our pictures!


Me helping Daddy clean out the tub before Saraina's bath.

sorry... we're having technical difficulties so Mommy will put the pixs on the blog in the morning.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Recent Pictures

Here are some more recent pictures.


Joshua under the exersaucer having a good time.

Saraina giving JCW the stare down.

Hanging out in Saraina's sweet crib. Joshua liked it a little too much!

Here's Joshua checking out the fun in SEW's crib. This was the shot right before Joshua got to experience it for himself.

Her's Saraina looking life a sweetie all decked out in PINK!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just a quick update

Daddy is at Care Group right now and Mommy is folding clothes so this was the perfect time for me to sneak out of my crib and write a quick HELLO.

Sorry it’s been so long – 10 days to be exact – but things have been really busy. The big news these past 10 days is as follows:

* Saraina pooped without any “assistance” on Sunday, day 8. Praise God. Please keep praying for my little Sister.

Other stuff we’d like to share is:

· Grammy in NJ had a birthday last week on March 8th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Grammy!!!! We can’t wait to give you hugs and kisses again like we did on our visit in February!

· Grandad and Grammy in IL had tornadoes near their home over the weekend but they are okay. Don’t you think they should move to a safer place like… Maryland???? I do!

· Daddy became a care group leader. (I don’t really get what this means. He’s been caring for and leading our family for as long as I’ve been born so what’s the big deal?)

· Mommy had her NINTH SPIRITUAL BIRTHDAY last week on March 9th.

· Uncle Freeman AND Auntie Jenny in Chicago are celebrating birthdays this week – March 15th and 16th. How cool is that having a husband and a wife celebrating their birthdays one day apart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope we get to see you guys over the summer!

In closing, here are some pictures for you all to enjoy!

Hugs and Kisses,j
joshua caleb

Saraina in pink

Joshua kissing Saraina

Saraina sitting up

Joshua enjoying being outside for a walk

Joshua "feeding" himself Cheerios with milk

Saturday, March 04, 2006

15-month and 4-month Doctor Visit

I don’t know about you but… I struggle with doctors. In my almost 4-months of life (plus the numerous prenatal visits I attended in the womb!), I have had a solid amount of visits to doctors. Each of my experiences has left me with knowing one thing is for sure – my hope is in the God of my salvation, not doctors!

Yesterday Daddy and Mommy took us to see our doctor. (The doctor’s name will be withheld for their protection.) We were going for our usual check-ups (Josh’s 15-month and my 4-month). This is what Josh and I have to say about the experience:

* they made our parents strip us down to our diapers and kept us that way for over 50 minutes! Hello! Don’t they realize that we get cold!

* they stuck both of us with needles (3 needles stabs for me and 2 for Josh)

* they didn’t give Mommy the papers she requested stating which shots we each got.

* they are putting us both on Zantax. Hello! One minute it’s not necessary and the next we both need it for acid reflux??? I guess there was a 2 for 1 deal going on.

* Daddy joked about giving me Ex-lax and the doctor said that that would be fine! Hello! What’s with the drug-happy doc? This is from the same doc who told Mommy to give me Milk of Megnesia twice a day, everyday, and for SIX months! Good thing for me I reject any and every foreign object they try to put in my mouth.

* Mommy struggled with some serious anger towards the doctor. Daddy kept reminding her of all that there is/was to be thankful to God for though. What a Papa!

As for our stats, we are both lightweights. Joshua weighed in the same amount at his last appointment, 12 months – 21 pounds. He’s about 32 or 33 inches tall, depends on whether we go with what the doctor says or the nurse who actually measured him. I’m 11 pounds and 23 inches. That means we are both on the petite side, so far.

Because we both had shots yesterday (5 vaccinations for me and 3 for Josh), last night was a bit of a rough one for the folks but there is a highlight! I made a bowel movement on my own around 3:15 AM!!! Wahoo! In fact, Mommy was holding me, noticing that I was being extra fussy and asked Daddy to turn on the light. As soon as that light came on they both heard the explosion. Even in their sleepy state they praised God for doing yet another MIRACLE! This is the first time since week 1 or 2 that I have gone THREE TIMES in ONE WEEK!

No doubt, we attribute this to God’s mercy and grace as well as your prayers. Second Corinthians 1:11 says, “You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.” Thank you for doing just that!

Have a wonderful weekend and please keep up those fervent prayers!

Grace to you,
little ladybug saraina

Oh- Daddy and Mommy take me to a Gastrointestinal Specialist on June 13th to see if they have some thoughts on my troubles. We’ll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Singing Praises to the LORD

Couldn’t let the day go by without letting you all know of yet another reason to sing praises to the LORD. Saraina did a poopy this morning! That’s truly a MIRACLE! She has never been that regular (since week one of her life) so we know the ONLY reason she is doing well is because of the LORD’s amazing kindness, mercy, and grace.

So, wherever you are today, no matter what your circumstances, sing praises to the LORD for He has indeed done MARVELOUS things!

Humbled by His kindness,

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
- 1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Onesies, Pants, and Donuts

Joshua is looking really silly this morning. But, to be honest, you’ll have to blame the folks. You see, Mommy got Joshua some new onesies since his old ones are getting tight due to his length. Thing is she should have stuck to the same brand because the new ones are way too big. Check it out for yourself…

What’s even funnier is how big his pants are. His poor pants hang below his big belly and end up falling down as the day goes on. Eventually they end up like this...

This morning, however, Joshua realized he could actually take them off. And he did!

Once getting those things off he knew just where they belonged…

And Joshua had a donut for the first time on Saturday. He LOVED it! He wouldn’t eat his birthday cake but he sure can woof-down some donuts. He must get that from Daddy who always says he has “an affinity” for donuts. Here’s a picture of him savoring a soft, sweet donut treat at Aunt Sarah’s.

And just because I'm writing this, here's a picture of me practicing sitting up (with Mommy's help)!