Sunday, February 05, 2006

Welcome (from Saraina)!

Welcome to the Whitney Kiddos blog!

In case you're new to the blogging world, a blog is a web log. You know, kinda like a journal of sorts. Mommy thought it'd be neat for us to have our own blog so that we could easily add updates and pictures any time and not worry about constantly emailing folks. SO, check our blog often as we'll add entries from time to time.

One day we hope to have some different pages you may want to check out. We want to include a NEEDS page to let you know what we are in need of (i.e. clothes) and the PRAYER REQUEST page would be just what you'd think. Like some big person once said, the greatest kindness you can do for me is to pray! Until Mommy figures out how to add pages to this blog, she'll just add new entries. (See the two entries above this one.)

Last time Joshua filled you all in so this is my turn. I'm doing very well, despite a bit of a cold. Lots of snot that Daddy and Mommy suck out with this weird blue thing. I'm holding my head up pretty good and love to sit up like a big girl and watch silly Joshua move around. My hair continues to grow and everyone loves commenting on it. As far as my "regularity" goes, I'm still working on improving things, if you know what I mean. I LOVE people singing and talking to me. I am ALL g-i-r-l. Mommy says we'll have a blast together talking cirlces around Joshua and Daddy when I'm bigger.

Little Man Joshua is filling his mouth with teeth and starting to eat more table food. He loves grapes, pears, cheese, and goldfish. His favorite pastime is to put stuff from one container into another container. He points at helicopters and dogs and people as he shouts out something only he understands. And surprisingly, he is digging giving me kisses which I find very sweet. Oh and he's starting brushing his own teeth.

Recently we stopped by Cousin Celeste's for a brief visit. We had a good time. Celeste has this cool miniture playhouse that Joshua was going wild over. Celeste loved telling Joshua what to do and what not to do. Joshua wasn't really listening to her so much though. I enjoyed Celeste talking to me and giving me special smiles.

Now, before I forget, we welcome and look forward to getting responses from folks who read this. Please send us a note by clicking Comments at the bottom of the blog.

We love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

SEW (for JCW and SEW)


Anonymous said...

Great Idea to start a blog. So glad to be able to read how you all are doing. It was great to see you the other day too- you are very long and you do have great hair!

We love you, your brother and your Mommy & Daddy. :)
Mrs. Sheffer (& the other Sheffers too)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!
I can't wait to hold Saraina! Help me keep an eye out for cheap tickets from Austin (or Killeen, TX) to Washington.
Love to JC, and momma and daddy...
love, Auntie Cristina

Jen Schaefer said...

Hi Whitneys!

We're so happy to see you started a blog! You are so 2006. We look forward to checking often to hear and see how you're all doing!

Much love,