Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow!

Last night Daddy and Mommy sang the LORD’s praises. After dinner Daddy went to pick up Sister and said to Mommy that she had a bit of a smell going on. Yesterday was day #6 of no BM for Saraina. Daddy and Mommy (and we know many of you also!) have been praying for her. Well, God blessed her by answering those prayers! And it was such a good explosion that Mommy took her clothes right to the washing machine and Daddy took her straight to the bathtub! I was left in my highchair to wonder what was going on.

Thank you ALL for praying for Little Lady. We’ve got a doctor appointment set up for this Friday for both of us. I’ll be going for my 15-month check-up and Saraina’s going for her 4-month. Daddy and Mommy are excited about asking the doc some questions. Mommy’s kinda concerned that I’m not talking yet and she also wants to know if Saraina beginning solids will cause her to be even MORE irregularity.

Keep praying for us and our fam. We are doing well but still covet your prayers!

To Him be ALL the glory,

And Mommy told me pictures of Sister's explosion were not appropriate. Bummer, man!

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