Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our "Needs" - for family that want to know

We often get the question, what do you two kiddos need. To make answering this much easier, we decided to update people through this blog.

What we need as of today would be as follows:

* 2T (24 months) summer/fall clothes for JCW

* 2T (24 months) onesies or undershirts for JCW

* 6-12 monts summer clothes for SEW

* 6-12 month onesies for SEW

* individual 4x6 pictures of our loved ones (Mommy's making us a picture book of all of our loved ones.)

* diapers (sizes 1-2 for SEW and 4 for JCW)

* NO TOYS!!!! we've got tons from Celeste

* visitors and babysitters! If you're interested, call our folks right away!

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