Monday, February 13, 2006

New Mercies this Monday

So yesterday was a very eventful, grace-filled, and memorable day. As usual, we went to bed on Saturday night excited about worshiping the LORD at church in the morning. Well, it snowed around here and so our normal church service got pushed back to 5 PM, which is a tough time for us kiddos so Daddy made the call around 2 PM that we wouldn't be going.

Now, for my parents not to go to church and then to say that NOT going was a blessing is weird... but that IS what happened. You see, around 8 PM Daddy and Mommy were about to eat a very late dinner when Joshua woke up moaning. Now, the Holy Spirit must've really been working because Daddy decided to go in and check on him (not normal since Joshua usually goes right back to sleep on his own). When Daddy walked in he spelled it! Are you ready to hear this... ? Daddy smelled a problem and when he turned on the light he saw in color the disaster!

Joshua "eruption" was enormous and filled his crib and everything in it. He called to Mama for help and when she got in the room all she could do was stand staring, not knowing what to do first and overwhelmed by the aroma.

To speed this up, my big bro kept "erupting" and Mommy called the doc. We ended up having to go to the emergency room for Joshua... again! We got there around 9:15 PM and didn't get home till around 2:20 AM!

But, the LORD's mercies are new ths morning! Praise God we didn't go to the 5:00 PM church service! And praise God for how He sustained our family in the wee hours of the night/early morning! Mommy was especially thnnkful that I slept almost the entire time we were there! But this morning Joshua is back to himself already!

love you all,

oh- and there will be some new pixs coming soon!!!

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