Monday, February 06, 2006

More pictures

Yesterday was the first time we didn't attend church as a family. We were all pretty sick, except for Mama, that is. Daddy keeps saying that Mama must have some "really good jeans" or that maybe she's so healthy because she eats so many vegetables. I don't get why her jeans have anything to do with her being healthy but I wish they'd buy me some cause veggies aren't all that good.

Any way, Saraina's been sleeping in Daddy and Mommy's room since she's been getting up so frequently with her cold. Well, last night I must've woken up screaming at least 3 times. Daddy came in twice to use the blue bulb. I tell ya, it sure seemed like he was trying to take my brains out instead of some drainage!

But the real reason for this post is to share some more pictures. Saraina did okay for her first entry but she sure did skimp on the pictures! Enjoy these additions...

Peace out,

Here I am touching a picture of Daddy and Mommy on the wall. I surprised Mama by climbing onto the couch for the first time last week!!!!

Here is Sister doing her morning exercises. She's really good at lifting up her head as you can see.

Here we are looking cute together. I'm resting on Sister's belly.

Here I am checking out Sister in her car seat.

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Jenny Whitney said...

Thanks, Joshua, for posting these pictures! It looks like your sister likes "tummy time" a little more than you did. Maybe it's because she always wants to keep her eye on you!