Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

Forgive us for not writing more frequently but things here have been INSANE! Let me catch y'all up...

Sun., Feb. 12
I (JCW) get the stomach flu

Tues., Feb. 14
Mommy gets the stomach flu (how romantic!)

Thurs., Feb. 16
Daddy gets the stomach flu

Fri., Feb. 17
SEW does a MAJOR poo at the doc office (gross!)

Sat., Feb. 18
We all drive to NJ for a last minute trip to see Granny.
I (JCW) get weirded out by the hotel room and refuse to sleep. (Talk about a long night!)

Sun., Feb. 19
Mommy has a sore throat and loses her voice.
We see Granny, Auntie Sarah, & Celeste.
Mommy forgets to have us call Uncle Andrew and say Happy B-day. (oops!)

Mon., Feb. 20
More time in NJ.
We drive home.
Everyone thankful to be in their own bed/crib.

Tues., Feb. 21
Mommy's thankful that the package Grandad sent arrived.
I (JCW) get to watch Classical Baby Music! Very, very cool.
Sister poops on her own! (keep praying though!)

Here are some pixs...

Joshua at lunchtime yesterday

Joshua, Celeste, and Saraina at Granny's place

Sister in her bathing suit at the hotel.

Daddy, Joshua and Celeste grooving

Joshua being a little aggressive with Celeste!

Till our next entry,

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Anonymous said...

The tops baby, yeah!

Keeps me on the edge of my seat...can't wait to hear what happens next. Whitney Kiddos, your the only must read blog out there. Relevant with attitude!