Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow!

Last night Daddy and Mommy sang the LORD’s praises. After dinner Daddy went to pick up Sister and said to Mommy that she had a bit of a smell going on. Yesterday was day #6 of no BM for Saraina. Daddy and Mommy (and we know many of you also!) have been praying for her. Well, God blessed her by answering those prayers! And it was such a good explosion that Mommy took her clothes right to the washing machine and Daddy took her straight to the bathtub! I was left in my highchair to wonder what was going on.

Thank you ALL for praying for Little Lady. We’ve got a doctor appointment set up for this Friday for both of us. I’ll be going for my 15-month check-up and Saraina’s going for her 4-month. Daddy and Mommy are excited about asking the doc some questions. Mommy’s kinda concerned that I’m not talking yet and she also wants to know if Saraina beginning solids will cause her to be even MORE irregularity.

Keep praying for us and our fam. We are doing well but still covet your prayers!

To Him be ALL the glory,

And Mommy told me pictures of Sister's explosion were not appropriate. Bummer, man!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

Forgive us for not writing more frequently but things here have been INSANE! Let me catch y'all up...

Sun., Feb. 12
I (JCW) get the stomach flu

Tues., Feb. 14
Mommy gets the stomach flu (how romantic!)

Thurs., Feb. 16
Daddy gets the stomach flu

Fri., Feb. 17
SEW does a MAJOR poo at the doc office (gross!)

Sat., Feb. 18
We all drive to NJ for a last minute trip to see Granny.
I (JCW) get weirded out by the hotel room and refuse to sleep. (Talk about a long night!)

Sun., Feb. 19
Mommy has a sore throat and loses her voice.
We see Granny, Auntie Sarah, & Celeste.
Mommy forgets to have us call Uncle Andrew and say Happy B-day. (oops!)

Mon., Feb. 20
More time in NJ.
We drive home.
Everyone thankful to be in their own bed/crib.

Tues., Feb. 21
Mommy's thankful that the package Grandad sent arrived.
I (JCW) get to watch Classical Baby Music! Very, very cool.
Sister poops on her own! (keep praying though!)

Here are some pixs...

Joshua at lunchtime yesterday

Joshua, Celeste, and Saraina at Granny's place

Sister in her bathing suit at the hotel.

Daddy, Joshua and Celeste grooving

Joshua being a little aggressive with Celeste!

Till our next entry,

Monday, February 13, 2006

New Mercies this Monday

So yesterday was a very eventful, grace-filled, and memorable day. As usual, we went to bed on Saturday night excited about worshiping the LORD at church in the morning. Well, it snowed around here and so our normal church service got pushed back to 5 PM, which is a tough time for us kiddos so Daddy made the call around 2 PM that we wouldn't be going.

Now, for my parents not to go to church and then to say that NOT going was a blessing is weird... but that IS what happened. You see, around 8 PM Daddy and Mommy were about to eat a very late dinner when Joshua woke up moaning. Now, the Holy Spirit must've really been working because Daddy decided to go in and check on him (not normal since Joshua usually goes right back to sleep on his own). When Daddy walked in he spelled it! Are you ready to hear this... ? Daddy smelled a problem and when he turned on the light he saw in color the disaster!

Joshua "eruption" was enormous and filled his crib and everything in it. He called to Mama for help and when she got in the room all she could do was stand staring, not knowing what to do first and overwhelmed by the aroma.

To speed this up, my big bro kept "erupting" and Mommy called the doc. We ended up having to go to the emergency room for Joshua... again! We got there around 9:15 PM and didn't get home till around 2:20 AM!

But, the LORD's mercies are new ths morning! Praise God we didn't go to the 5:00 PM church service! And praise God for how He sustained our family in the wee hours of the night/early morning! Mommy was especially thnnkful that I slept almost the entire time we were there! But this morning Joshua is back to himself already!

love you all,

oh- and there will be some new pixs coming soon!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

More pictures

Yesterday was the first time we didn't attend church as a family. We were all pretty sick, except for Mama, that is. Daddy keeps saying that Mama must have some "really good jeans" or that maybe she's so healthy because she eats so many vegetables. I don't get why her jeans have anything to do with her being healthy but I wish they'd buy me some cause veggies aren't all that good.

Any way, Saraina's been sleeping in Daddy and Mommy's room since she's been getting up so frequently with her cold. Well, last night I must've woken up screaming at least 3 times. Daddy came in twice to use the blue bulb. I tell ya, it sure seemed like he was trying to take my brains out instead of some drainage!

But the real reason for this post is to share some more pictures. Saraina did okay for her first entry but she sure did skimp on the pictures! Enjoy these additions...

Peace out,

Here I am touching a picture of Daddy and Mommy on the wall. I surprised Mama by climbing onto the couch for the first time last week!!!!

Here is Sister doing her morning exercises. She's really good at lifting up her head as you can see.

Here we are looking cute together. I'm resting on Sister's belly.

Here I am checking out Sister in her car seat.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our "Needs" - for family that want to know

We often get the question, what do you two kiddos need. To make answering this much easier, we decided to update people through this blog.

What we need as of today would be as follows:

* 2T (24 months) summer/fall clothes for JCW

* 2T (24 months) onesies or undershirts for JCW

* 6-12 monts summer clothes for SEW

* 6-12 month onesies for SEW

* individual 4x6 pictures of our loved ones (Mommy's making us a picture book of all of our loved ones.)

* diapers (sizes 1-2 for SEW and 4 for JCW)

* NO TOYS!!!! we've got tons from Celeste

* visitors and babysitters! If you're interested, call our folks right away!

Prayer Requests

So, like everyone else, we've got some prayer requests! Thank you in advance for lifting these things up to the Savior on our behalf! (By the way, if you can help Mommy with creating a new page in this blog, give her a call!)

* health for Saraina, Joshua, and Daddy

* for Saraina to begin taking a bottle

* for Saraina to begin "being regular"

Welcome (from Saraina)!

Welcome to the Whitney Kiddos blog!

In case you're new to the blogging world, a blog is a web log. You know, kinda like a journal of sorts. Mommy thought it'd be neat for us to have our own blog so that we could easily add updates and pictures any time and not worry about constantly emailing folks. SO, check our blog often as we'll add entries from time to time.

One day we hope to have some different pages you may want to check out. We want to include a NEEDS page to let you know what we are in need of (i.e. clothes) and the PRAYER REQUEST page would be just what you'd think. Like some big person once said, the greatest kindness you can do for me is to pray! Until Mommy figures out how to add pages to this blog, she'll just add new entries. (See the two entries above this one.)

Last time Joshua filled you all in so this is my turn. I'm doing very well, despite a bit of a cold. Lots of snot that Daddy and Mommy suck out with this weird blue thing. I'm holding my head up pretty good and love to sit up like a big girl and watch silly Joshua move around. My hair continues to grow and everyone loves commenting on it. As far as my "regularity" goes, I'm still working on improving things, if you know what I mean. I LOVE people singing and talking to me. I am ALL g-i-r-l. Mommy says we'll have a blast together talking cirlces around Joshua and Daddy when I'm bigger.

Little Man Joshua is filling his mouth with teeth and starting to eat more table food. He loves grapes, pears, cheese, and goldfish. His favorite pastime is to put stuff from one container into another container. He points at helicopters and dogs and people as he shouts out something only he understands. And surprisingly, he is digging giving me kisses which I find very sweet. Oh and he's starting brushing his own teeth.

Recently we stopped by Cousin Celeste's for a brief visit. We had a good time. Celeste has this cool miniture playhouse that Joshua was going wild over. Celeste loved telling Joshua what to do and what not to do. Joshua wasn't really listening to her so much though. I enjoyed Celeste talking to me and giving me special smiles.

Now, before I forget, we welcome and look forward to getting responses from folks who read this. Please send us a note by clicking Comments at the bottom of the blog.

We love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

SEW (for JCW and SEW)